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Featured Listings:


- Chatham Strait Permit $425k


- 2C Halibut Class A Shares!  ~3,000 lbs - SOLD


- CG Sablefish - C Class - Unblocked 46,000 lbs

Unfished $15/lb


- SE Sablefish - B Class - Unblocked 8,000 lbs Unfished only $17/lb 

The Lowest Price on the Market!


- Halubut 3A (C) Class, Unblocked, 18,000 LBS   $45/lb fished


- Bristol Bay Drift Gillnet S03T  Low Price!    $170k


- Halibut 4D (B) Class, Unblocked 

38,000 LBS     Only$23/lb


- WY Sablefish - B Class Unblocked -  25,000 lbs $call/lb  SOLD!


- Clarence Strait Sablefish ~

Southern SE Longline C61C $600k


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- Chatham Strait Permit


$425k Unfished!