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SE Herring Seine w/ net $175k

9/25/21 sale pending>>>








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Herring Permit Listings

Area / Fishery


SE Herring Purse Seine

6/4/21 Wanted

Offer $160,000

SE Herring Seine w/ Seine Net 9/25/21 Sale Pending>>>


SE Herring Seine 6/3/21


Southeast Purse Seine

Herring Roe

Package with Nets & Gear or Trade for 2C Halibut Quota



South Southeast Spawn on Kelp Pound 1/26/21


N. Southeast

Spawn on Kelp Pound


North Southeast

Spawn on Kelp Pound

Market Price

Prince William Sound

Herring Pound


Herring Spawn on Kelp Pound

Southern, SE

Trade + Cash for 2C quota


Bristol Bay

Spawn on Kelp

Hand Pick


Prince William Sound

PWS Herring Seine package with Net & Trailer


Kodiak Gillnet

Herring Roe


Kodiak Gillnet

Herring Roe



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