- 48’ Radon set up for gillnetting as a bow picker
- Insulated flush deck fish holds in the front holds 8,000 lbs.
- Stern is set up with troll pit, 3 spool power gurdies.
- Very roomy cabin, great live aboard, main living area and galley is upstairs with large bunk area 

  down stairs.
- Queen size bed in center + 5 bunks.
- Running hot and cold water, shower.
- 150 gallon water capacity.
- Powered with a 6-71 Detroit, twin disc 509 transmission 2:1. - Cruises 6 knots
- Very large engine room
- 10” hydraulic bow thruster.
- Holds 1,200 gallons of fuel.
- 12’ aluminum launch with 15 Honda.
- Boat trolled and gill netted in 2018 ready to go.
- Garmin 4212 chart plotter with 16 mile radar. Furuno fish finder, ComNav autopilot.

- Norcold fridge/freezer.
- D4 Espar diesel cabin heater.

- Fish holding areas: 3 on front deck, 1 on back (Total capacity - about 11K lbs) 

- Could convert bunk area back into fish hold, which is the original way. (w/ conversion then Total

  holding capacity - about 40K lbs)



Bristol Bay 32' Aluminum Stern Picker
Fishing Vessel
Bristol Bay
Up to 35'

1988 KG Marine 32' x 13'6" Aluminum Bristol Bay Stern Picker​

GM V692 Forward Plan Main (see description of Forward Plan marinization below) 10500 hours

Twin Disk 509 marine gear 1.5:1 w/ vibration absorbing coupling, 2" SS shaft 24x20 SS 4 blade prop

PSI drippless shaft seal

Excellent SS muffler with extended stack to keep fumes and noise off back deck

Engine is rated at 450 HP @ 2300 RPM.  When new, this boat planed at 16 - 18 knots.  With the flush deck and refrigeration, we gave up speed.  It now runs about 7 1/2 knots at 1300 - 1400 RPM.  At that speed the pyrometer is at 300 degrees or less.  Crusing uses about 10 Gallons per Hour.  Running at about half the rated horsepower, this engine will last forever.

A 6 cu in hydraulic pump running off the front of the engine operates the RSW and bow thruster, a second 4.21 cu in pump operates all the deck equipment and anchor winch.  A third small cessna pump operates the steering systems and is on an independent tank.  Steering will continue to operate in the event of loss of hydraulics or fluid.

Flush Deck with 8 fish holds, two side by side brailers in each hold.  6 holds have 2000# capacity and two have 1500#

RexRoth direct drive reel with level wind, fixed position on deck.  200 fathom capacity when gear is wet, 170 fathom capacity for dry loose net.  Level wind is not auto reversing, we prefer this as proper loading of net on the drum vastly reduces backlashes (filling sides first, then middle, never allowing the net to pinch between the built up netting and the side of the drum)

Vitek Stern Roller 30' wide.  Rebuild and inspected in 2007 with no issues but replaced bearing since it was apart.  Installed new bushings on rollers 2016

Hydraulic operated 1 1/2 inch Jabsco deck pump is reversible.  Additionally, a deck accessible valve allows choice of sea water or the fish hold as supply for the pump.  Makes recirculating sanitizing solution in the hold and on brailers very easy.

Total 15000# capacity under hatches (stuffed full)  We have had another 6000# on deck with no concerns at all.

IMS Hydraulic 7 1/2 ton generation 2 RSW system using R 404 refrigerant new in 2013, previous RSW went 19 seasons.

Valworks 2" electric valves installed on RSW crossover to control list with the flip of a switch on the bridge

SS well screen pick ups in holds eliminate any junk and contamination from getting in the chiller

Insulated holds were stripped of insulation in 2007, inspected by marine surveyor showing no corrosion or pitting (survey available) and re-insulated using newest technique of rhino lining against hull, spray foam and finish coat of rhino lining.

New HDPE hatch covers with 12" small round hatches over each brailer (16) New in 2016

​Naiad Bow Thruster 8" with controls at bridge, cabin and stern

Jog stick steering system using a cessna pump, an independent hydraulic tank that serves the manual helms, auto pilot and jog stick system.  Controls at bridge, cabin and stern.  Rudder indicator on bridge.  Fast (approx 5 sec) hard over to hard over for quick steering response.  Never touch a steering wheel again.

Com Nav 1001 auto pilot with control head at bridge and in cabin.  I use it to set gear at times, works when running in most sea conditions and occasionally to tow gear.

​Plexiglass Top House with bunk, houses all electronics, a 3.5 Cu Ft Freezer and room to store survival suits, groceries or drinks under seat and the SS propane BBQ and 2 gal aluminum tank.

Cabin has 4 large bunks in fo'c'sle, one is double wide.  SS sink with hot and cold water, 2 burner force ten propane stove under cutting board and Dickinson Pacific diesel stove with oven.  Table has sitting for 5 and day bunk, bench seat is usable as an extra bunk.  12 V norcold refrigerator and generous storage in drawers and lockers.

Hot water heater is operated by convection from a coil in the diesel stove.  This means hot water in the yard, at anchor and anytime the stove is burning.

Enclosed head has a  manual pump toilet and a shower.  Shower drains into a sump and pumped overboard by a small rule pump.  Eliminates soapy water in bilge or concerns of water entering boat through shower drain.

GM V692 Forward Plan is a unique marinization system.  There are very few of them in Bristol Bay.  This engine has fully water jacketed exhaust manifolds and turbo charger.  This means the engine runs cooler and noticeably quieter.  A second keel cooler is required for all the extra cooling.  The Forward Plan has eliminated the exhaust leak problems that have plagued the 692's that are typically converted truck engines.

All exterior hoses and tubes were inspected in 2017 by Jim Johnson as either cleaned up and painted, repaired or replaced as determined by an in depth inspection.

Engine has a high output alternator and a battery isolation solenoid operating off engine oil pressure ensuring the house battery (a deep cycle 8D, new in 2019) and the starting battery are fully charged when running but the start battery can not be discharged by the house loads.  two solar panels on the roof of the top house further help with battery charging.  On a full sun day, these panels will keep up with the house loads including the inverter that runs the freezer and the Norcold refrigerator.

This sale includes "Sanka" an 8 foot inflatable boat with oars.  It is capable of holding a small outboard and carrying 3 to 4 people.  We have a foot pump and an electric air pump that the inverter will run.

Recent Survey Available

Bristol Bay Drift Permit Available for package deal.

Fishing Boat package & NO Bristol Bay Permit:  Conex Shop + Tools & contents, nets, & msc. = $359k

Complete Turn Key Package Includes: Fishing Vessel, Bristol Bay Dift Permit, Conex Shop + Tools & contents, nets, & msc.

- Only $549k  for whole package including permit -


~  Sablefish SE - B Class, Unblocked

    25,000lbs - $20/lb 2020 TAC

    - Lowest on the Market!


~ Bristol Bay Drift Gillnet - $189k


~ 2C Halibut Charter Permit (CHP): 6 pack

   only $87k ~ Currently: the Lowest Price!



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